About Charlie Cardin 


About Charlie:

Charlie started Fire Sisters Rising in 2016 focused on inspiring survivors of domestic violence to recognize their worth, vocalize their struggle and mobilize toward freedom.

You are a Fire Sister when you have risen from the ashes of abuse.

In her book, Overcoming the Impossible to Achieve the Extraordinary, Charlie reviews the specific mindsets that must be transformed to reclaim your power after the fires of abuse. It is as much about her personal story as it is in providing tools to gain insight into why survivors stay stuck in cycles for generations.

Charlie is a writer, a soulful coach, speaker and healer who focuses on the liberation of the heart from the pain of abuse. She has taught workshops, has created a powerful online course and has facilitated numerous healing circles.

Charlie has developed her methods of healing and transformation throughout 30 years of research into her own psychology and familial patterns with various practitioners from psychologists to cranial sacral healers. She has served with domestic violence and trauma centers across the US, facilitating support and healing to hundreds of women.

After coaching for more than 10 years in various leadership groups, Charlie was certified as a High Performance Coach in 2016 through the High Performance Institute founded by Brendon Burchard. 

From Charlie:

The purpose of my life is to be inspired and intentional in my thoughts and actions, to share my heart through service and empower others to do the same so that we can all rise together to a higher level of consciousness, connection and healing.

As a goddess of compassion, it is my mission to facilitate domestic violence survivors to recognize their worth, vocalize their struggle and mobilize toward freedom.

If you have braved the fires of abuse and violence and are ready for profound healing and discovery, then contact me today...let’s start the journey to you.





Disclaimer: All information included on this site are from my personal stories and experiences.  I provide these stories to instill hope in those that have gone through similar situations so that they can survive and live the life they deserve.  I am not a licensed psychologist nor am I licensed to provide professional, medical or legal advice.  Please contact those professionals if that assistance is required.

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