3 Essential Secrets to Meditating with a Beginner’s Mind

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2017

You may have heard of a Zen concept called beginner’s mind. It’s one way of describing the way we feel, and the rapid progress we make when we take up a new activity that we’re excited about.

You can cultivate that mindset so that it becomes a lasting part of your meditation practice or any endeavor. Consider these 3 elements that will help you delight in learning more about yourself and what brings you peace and joy.

Being Enthusiastic

The first time you bake sourdough bread or bike to work, you may be enthralled by the whole experience. After it becomes a regular habit, you start to feel a little stale.

See how to hold onto your initial zeal:

1.     Remember your purpose. Think about why you’re meditating in the first place. Maybe you’re interested in the mental and physical health benefits. Maybe it’s an important part of your faith.

2.     Dedicate your efforts. Imagine you can use the positive thoughts...

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Own Your Strength

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2016

I am filled with strength.

I have a river of strength inside me that propels me to greatness. I use my strength to reach new heights at work and at home.

I am proud of my inner and outer strength.

I have the strength to overcome any challenge that appears in my path. I know how to handle difficult people or hard situations with grace and kindness.

I know that part of my strength comes from my family and friends. They offer me a support network that lifts me up and helps me overcome obstacles. They help me find my inner strength during tumultuous moments.

I increase my strength with each day.

My strength grows as I experience new adventures on my life’s path. My strength keeps my mind and body healthy. It prevents me from succumbing to negative temptations or turning to bad influences.

I use my strength to help those I love. I also use my strength to reach out to strangers who are in need.

I see my strength as a true gift, so I nourish it.

My strength helps me understand...

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