What I Believe

Feb 20, 2018

I believe that everyone deserves to have an extraordinary life...no matter where you have come from or what has happened to you.

I believe that the more people practice compassion for others, the more the emotional energy of everyone on the planet will level up.

My compassion for others started long before I knew what it was or what I was doing...I just knew that having deep empathy for others on their journey was monumentally important.  That compassion taught me to love even when I probably shouldn't; to be loyal even when I was betrayed.

I believe that the loving spirit that lives in the soul is there in everyone, but that people lose their connection to that spirit through their own struggles in life.

I have spent my life finding the good in others and yes, sometimes this has led me to be taken advantage of, but I don't regret an instant because I continued to learn and to grow through it all.

I believe that we all have a responsibility to learn and to grow and to constantly reach for more; more passion; more peace; more presence; more love; more compassion.

We are each here to further the understanding in our families; our friends; in our society; in our world.

I believe that despite what struggles people have had to overcome, that humans have amazing resilience and power and courage.

I truly believe that we can do anything we set our mind to do as long as we never lose the belief in ourselves.

Believing in myself and in my purpose has been the most important thing that has allowed me to overcome all the struggles throughout my life.

I believe that I can help others who have been through similar struggles to find their voice, to reconnect with their own spirit that has been there all along and to help them attain the life they were always meant to have.

I believe this life is an incredible journey; fascinating and exhilarating and worthy of showing up every day with love and joy and compassion.



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