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In this transformative online and group coaching course, you will experience deep healing and growth as you navigate the exact steps to heal from trauma and abuse and rise into the Woman You Already ARE. 

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Speaking & Interviews

Charlie is an incredibly passionate speaker on domestic violence. She specializes in teaching how to learn the warning signs, set boundaries and has inspired thousands to break the cycle of abuse.

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Private Coaching

Private coaching is for those who  are ready to RISE beyond all limitations. Charlie will be a caregiver to your heart and your personal soul guide as you discover and rise into the life of your dreams.

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"Charlie really cares about helping people and is so focused on their needs. She is full of energy and passion and brings a ton of it to every session. She has challenged me to really dig down deep and change my thought patterns and actions to transform my level of success."


"Charlie pushes me to think in a different way and to honor myself. She has taught me the importance of making room for new thoughts and actions that have made a big impact on my mindset and energy level. After hard days at work, she always has refreshing reminders for me that keep me focused on what is important. "

North Carolina

"Charlie challenges me to really think through every area of my life and pushes me to take massive action to make things happen. I have been able to recognize where I need to stop letting things get in my way and just incorporate the things I have learned. I have new strategies and tools for how to overcome and deal with adversities. Charlie has proven to me how one little tweak can make a big difference. I am excited about the changes I am starting to make in all aspects of my life."


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